FAQ Friday – What is a Narcissist Thinking When They Discard You?

Just remember there is no fixing them.

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

By the time the Narcissist begins to discard you, the gig is pretty much up.  Your only role at this point is a spot in the queue of supply, but only as a last resort option.  Once he or she starts the discard phase, they’ve already found new supply, and you are considered a loose end.  However, because you might still offer some type of benefit to the Narcissist, it’s possible they will discard you and then come back around later in order to exploit you some more.  Just as often they will leave without a word, never to be heard from again.  It all depends on the individual Narcissist and their agenda.  I’ve heard of them coming back around after 2-3 years, weedling their way in to gain some type of financial advantage, and then immediately dumping their supply again.

New Supply ~ New Supply

This is a very painful experience for…

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