Aten’s Night

So recently I was reading through an old novel I had written years ago. It’s one of those cheesy romance novels – set in Egypt. A mix of Indiana Jones, the Mummy, and Tomb Raider…with nursing and romance sprinkled throughout. I decided to throw it up on Amazon kindle to self-publish it under a psuedonym. I’m not going to do anything with it otherwise. But reading back through it, after having experienced abuse by my ex-boyfriend, things bothered me I had written. It now bothered me when the male character I once had admired in my novel grew jealous or angry. It bothered me when he would grab my heroine’s shoulders tightly. I now got pissed off – seeing it as the beginning of abusive tendencies which would only escalate further – the deeper they moved in their relationship. Arg. Did I really write this and think it okay? A good cheesy romance ruined for me because of my recent experience with my Blackhole. I will never ever be the same or see romance the same. I don’t want an angry man or someone who could lash out easily. I don’t want my shoulders to ever be grabbed tightly. I don’t want to ever be touched in anger – even if it doesn’t hurt me. I want a man who is strong enough to love me the right way, and touches me the right way. Who doesn’t mind my stubbornness and always treats me gently. I resolve in my next book to do better. Please check out “Aten’s Night” published under my pseudonym Skye Armstrong. I know I didn’t talk it up much, but really – check me out and enjoy the read. It is a great adventure even with my naive view of romance then. Thanks for your support! You can buy my book on


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